Surgery and Stuff

Things have been a little busy the last week and a half, hence the rather long break between posts. Last week was the Northwest Washington Fair here in Lynden. For those that don’t know, my Dad is the Fair manager and so during the week of the Fair I spend my time there helping out in whatever way I can. I’m usually there around 7:30 in the morning and home around 10 at night. They are long days but it is fun to be part of the biggest event of the year in our little town. Anyway, here is a quick update on what is going on…


Tomorrow afternoon at 2pm Trina goes in for surgery on her wrist. For the past year she has been dealing with severe pain in both her wrists due to tendinitis. It isn’t ideal timing but we felt she really needs to get it taken care of before we leave. She will have the surgery on her right wrist and cortisone shots in her left wrist. This means she won’t be able to do any lifting for the next month. It will be difficult packing up to move and taking care of a baby boy. I’ll have a lot more on my plate but I know that God will provide the grace and strength we need. We covet your prayers for a successful procedure and quick healing.


I am in my last week of work in my job at the church. It will be hard to say goodbye. I do love all the people I work with and I love working for the church. But I’m also excited for my next job. Next Tuesday is my last day. After that I will be focusing all my energy on wrapping up all the loose ends of our life here in Lynden.

I’m hoping to get out our second email newsletter tomorrow. I should have time to work on it while waiting for Trina to get done with her surgery. If you didn’t get our last one sent out last month then you probably aren’t on our list. If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter please sign up by entering your email address and clicking the subscribe button to the right.

It’s Just Around the Corner

It’s Just Around the Corner

Packin It Up

Just a few of the boxes.

Boxes are being packed. Walls are looking bare. And things are being sold. So goes our hectic life of preparing to move to another country. Many people have asked the following questions about our move: What are you taking with you? And what are you doing with everything else? To answer those questions…we will only be taking what we can fit in our luggage between the three of us. And everything else? We plan on selling a lot of our stuff and keeping very little. What we do keep will be put in storage here. So basically we are starting over. Honduras will be our new home and that is what we plan to make it!

The Pressures

Empty walls.

This has not been an easy road to travel. As time draws closer and closer we are beginning to feel pressures of all that goes with a move as big as this one. I find myself shedding tears with each box that is packed, each item that is sold, and the emptiness that is becoming our home. On one hand it feels freeing to get rid of everything and on the other it is sad to let it all go. But I am trying to remind myself that they are just “things,” and once again, we can’t take them with us when we leave this earth to our heavenly home.

Saying Goodbye

All this packing has also brought on the reminder that we will soon be saying goodbye to the ones we love. I find myself craving time with family and soaking up as much as I can with them. I think family is something that we often take for granted. I know that both Chad and I have been blessed to have our families nearby. And as we move to another part of the world, we know that our family will still be our family each time we return. So we are trying to look at it as a “see ya later,” rather than “goodbye,” because we will be seeing each other again!

Don't worry...we aren't getting rid of him!

It is not about me, never was

The other day I thinking about things that have happened in my life. Do you ever wonder why certain things have happened to you?  As I was thinking a question came to mind, “What if the things that have happened to me weren’t about me? What if nothing that has ever happened to me was about me?”

I know that might not make a lot of sense, but bear with me. You see, a week ago on Saturday I got an email from Pastor Doug Delp of Timberlake Christian Church in Moberly, Missouri. I don’t know Pastor Delp and I’ve never been to Moberly. But somehow he came across this website, saw what we are doing, and wanted to use us as a sermon illustration that Sunday. In his email he told me a little about his sermon and then asked for a recent family picture. I was flattered and quickly obliged. Timberlake Christian Church posts the audio of the sermons on their website so this week Trina and I listened to the sermon to see what he had to say.

When I was in Honduras last January I had a week long conversation with God. He was asking me, “Chad, do you believe Jesus is enough?” This was a profound and life changing question that I wrestled with. If you have watched the videos on this site you’ve heard me talk about this. Pastor Delp showed the video where I talk about this during his message and challenged his congregation with the same question, “Do you believe Jesus is enough for whatever it is that you are dealing with in life?”

You know, I had thought that message was just for me. Turns out God intended to use that message to speak to many others, to people I’ve never met in places I’ve never been. I’m humbled. And I’m reminded once again – this isn’t about me, none of it is about me, it never was about me, and it never will be about me. It is all about Jesus and bringing glory to God. To God be the glory.

If you would like to hear Pastor Doug Delp’s message you can listen to it here.