A Busy Time

A Busy Time

The NCCTK team at the maternity ward, blessing mommas and their new babies.

Las Mujeres

We apologize for the lack of updating everyone. We have been so busy these past couple weeks. The “mission team” season is among us, which means we have many visitors. In the beginning of April we had a team from our church here. A group of 10 wonderful ladies dove right in and evangelized to the many children and youth of our ministry. We were blessed to have them here and they left some major impacts on the people they witnessed to. Thanks NCCTK team!

Mi Casa Es Su Casa 

Molly and Brenna making necklaces with the girls at the Eagle's Nest.

We then had a couple girls staying in our home. Molly (from Bellingham) and Brenna (from Vancouver, BC) have been working at the Orphanage Emmanuel for a couple months, located a few hours from us. They wanted to see a bit of our ministry and just help us out where help was needed. So they stayed with us for 4 nights. I was glad to give them a bit of a reprieve from their busy schedules at the orphanage, and they were able to bless us as well. They did the dishes for me a lot and even babysat Asher. We also painted a bit, went to the maternity hospital, and spent time with the girls from the Eagle’s Nest. Thanks Molly and Brenna!

Us with my brother and his wife up at the famous Jesus Statue, El Picacho.

Mi Hermano y Su Esposa

The day the girls left we picked up my brother Travis and his wife Allison from the airport. They wanted to come and visit and see what we do in our ministry. They have been huge supporters and we are so excited to have them here.  I love these two people and I love seeing how God has been working in their lives. I know they have been touched by their experience here and I am sad to see them leave this week. But I am so thankful they could come and visit!

Los Padres de Chad

We will leave on Friday to bring Trav and Al to the airport. We will then be back at the airport on Easter Sunday to pick up Chad’s parents! We feel so blessed to have family come and visit. They are of course coming to just spend time with us, but I think they are most excited to see their grandson :) We plan on showing them the ministry and hopefully try and get away to the beach for a break. So hurry up and get here already Jim and Laurie!

Muy Ocupado

So as you can see we have been and continue to be busy. We have more teams in May, one of which is from NCCTK, and also some more friends that are planning on coming this summer. We will also be leaving for Michigan on July 12 for my best friends wedding. Then, on July 18, we will be headed to Washington to spend a month or so at home. We plan on spending time with family and friends, and also hope to get a fundraiser activity in their somewhere too. So July will be here before we know it! And staying so busy helps the time go by fast. Thanks again everyone for supporting us and praying for us. We appreciate you!

She don’t know she’s beautiful

She don’t know she’s beautiful

This past week we had a team of girls from our home church here to work in our ministry. A couple of times during the week we visited the girl’s juvenile detention center. The first time we went Trina and Asher came but the second time it didn’t work for them to come. Every time I go there without Trina many of the girls ask about her. They want to know where she is, why she didn’t come, and when she is coming next. This time was no different.

One of the girls in the detention center is named Keidy (pronounced like “Katy”) and she is one that Trina has grown especially fond of.  She asked me how Trina was doing and then asked if she could write Trina a note. Knowing Trina would be thrilled to get a note from her I told her, “Yes of course you can!” So she ran off and came back a few minutes later with this note folded up for me to give to Trina.

Here is a translation:

For: Trina who is very special to me

From: Keidy who loves her a lot

Hello, the reason I am writing is that I want you to know I like you a lot and I hope you are in good health and are happy to be with your baby. I miss you. May the Lord bless you and keep you and that you are well.

Often Trina questions her value. She wonders if she is useful or if she is making a difference. But then this 15-year-old girl who was convicted of robbery and attempted murder makes a special point to tell her how much Trina means to her. I’m reminded of the old country song by Sammy Kershaw called She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful:

She don’t know she’s beautiful (never crossed her mind)
She don’t know she’s beautiful (no she’s not that kind)
She don’t know she’s beautiful
Though time and time I’ve told her so

I’m so proud of Trina and the work she does in the ministry. She doesn’t think of herself as a leader, yet she leads. She doesn’t think she is useful, yet she makes and impact. She doesn’t think of herself as an example to follow, yet so many look up to her. She don’t know she’s beautiful, though time and time I’ve told her so.