All About Kimberli

All About Kimberli

We just love her...and the little stinker in the background!

Kimberli has been a part of our family for almost three weeks now. Both Chad and I have spent much of that time figuring out who she is and getting to know what she is all about. Here is a little of what we have learned so far.

Upon first spending time with her, she is a bit shy. But once she warms up, she is a talker. She loves her family and misses them terribly.  But she is thankful to be in a home…a real home. She is not crazy about American cooking, but eats it anyway. She loves her Honduran food of tortillas, beans, and rice. She loves chocolate, and I mean LOVES chocolate. Her favorite candy bar is Snickers. She drinks coffee in the morning with a lot of sugar. She hates vegetables, unless they are cooked in a soup. Her favorite fruit is a strawberry. Her favorite animal is a bunny. She wants a pet rat…NO WAY! She likes to do puzzles, play Candy Land, and color. Her hobbies include mopping the floors…not your average tween hobby. She gets incredibly overwhelmed with the question, “Do you need anything? Do you want anything?” She is great at correcting our Spanish, and loves to tease Chad. She loves to exercise and soccer is her favorite sport. If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to the U.S. Her dream is to be a pediatrician. And her prayers are for the children on the streets. She loves the smell of the clothes when they come out of the dryer. In fact, she didn’t know what a dryer was until she came to our home. She loves Asher’s white and soft little feet, saying, “There are no other feet like yours Asher!” She was born in a taxi cab. She sings worship songs in the shower (we can hear her :) She loves to dance, especially when it’s for the Lord.

Kimberli is on the worship dance team at our church.

This is just some of what we have learned about Kimberli. We look forward to each day as we continue to learn more and more about this precious gift from God. Thank you for your prayers.

Lice, Love, and Jesus

Lice, Love, and Jesus

Kimberli decorating some cookies.

One Week

It’s been one week since Kimberli came into our home and became part of our family, and we are in love. As you can imagine, the first week was a bit scary for her, for all of us really. But she is beginning to open up to us more, and the shyness around us is going away. We know this because we stayed up until 10:30 last night just talking, and she did most of the talking! She is a beautiful young girl who loves the Lord. She has a sweet smile and a generous heart.

A Lesson Learned

Leave it to God to throw a paranoia you have right in front of you to teach you a lesson to lean on Him. If there was a ever a lesson learned in my life, this past week was it. Kimberli came to our home infested with lice. Probably something she has lived with her whole life. I instantly began to worry and fret about these little demon bugs. I literally had paranoia and I was consumed with “what ifs?” I just looked at it as a problem, and the thought of tackling this problem seemed to big for me to handle. And to be honest, I didn’t want to. Until Nubia showed me love.


Nubia is a dear friend who sometimes works for the ministry, cleaning and cooking for teams, etc. She came over later in the afternoon and began helping me treat Kimberli’s hair for the lice and nits. I thought she was just going to show me how to do it, but for 2 1/2 hours Nubia stood by my side as we handpicked the lice out of Kimberli’s beautiful curly hair. I was so thankful to have Nubia and her giving, humble heart. But it’s the words she said that have left an imprint on my heart.

Poor Kimberli fell asleep while we were combing her hair! And look at that smile on Nubia's face.

True Love

Kimberli quietly sat in the chair while we combed out her lice, without complaining one time. I could tell her neck was getting sore, and I felt so bad for her. I told her I loved her. After I said those words to Kimberli, Nubia replied, “It’s for this reason that we do this Kimberli.” I was humbled by those words and it reminded me of Jesus. Jesus did not come to be served but to serve. Through serving, he loved us. This was my way of showing Kimberli I love her. She may not understand that type of love now, but I pray that in years to come, she will.


I also told Nubia of a girl I knew from college. She worked at a girls shelter in the states and her job was to get the lice out of the girls hair. I told Nubia about this girl, and her only response was, “what love.” I hadn’t thought of it this way before. My first response was, “I would never want that job.” Again, I was humbled by her words and her Christlike love.

Lice Update

After much work, and many prayers, I am happy to announce that the lice and nits are dead. Hoorah for the massacre that was of those nasty little buggers! Nubia came over on Saturday and for 6 hours we combed through Kimberli’s hair and picked out all the eggs, with our fingernails! I think we got pretty much all of them. But I will be combing through each day for a while just to make sure. All in all, God taught me so much this past week about true love. God is good.

Ready or Not

Ready or Not

Our Family

Roll With the Punches

Change is something that happens often around here, and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches, whether you’re ready or not. We were planning on having the girls move in sometime around the end of November. This would give us plenty of time to get the extra bedroom ready for the girls, and plenty of time for the three P’s: plan, prepare, and the most important, PRAY.

The Situation

Let me explain the situation. Blanca, who we had planned on taking into our home as well, has developed a bad attitude and tried to “poison” the other girls minds. Because of Blanca’s recent behavior we believe she needs a place better suited to her needs. She will be spending the next couple of weeks at the Eagle’s Nest, until school is finished. She will then spend the holidays with her grandmother. After that, we hope to put her in a home we recently visited that has the staff and facilities where we believe she will thrive. This is sad for us because we love Blanca, and wish that the situation were different. I wanted to have both the girls here, so they at least had each other. This was not an easy decision.

Are You Ready?

So with that change comes another change. Alvin came over to our house today and asked if we would be able to take Kimberli tomorrow, as in the day after today! He wanted to get her out of the Eagle’s Nest as soon as possible, to avoid any more “poisoning.” My heart skipped a beat and I had tears. I hadn’t planned enough, prepared enough, and well, you can never pray enough. I just didn’t feel ready. And to be honest, it all of the sudden became so real to me. Feelings of worry, fear, and failure all came upon me. What had we gotten ourselves into?

For Such a Time as This

As I sat down with Chad, through tears, I began to explain what I was feeling. He knew I was feeling this way, because I have felt this way ever since we chose to take the girls into our home. But now it was all happening so fast, and like I said earlier, I wasn’t ready. With the gift of wisdom that God gave Chad, he comforted me and assured me that “You…Are…Ready. This is your hearts passion. This is why God brought you here. He chose you for this.”


So there you have it. I guess I am ready. We know this is a huge transition and that we have some challenges ahead of us. But we really wouldn’t have it any other way. Again, we covet your prayers during this time. And we are so thankful for all the love and support that you all have given. To HIM be the glory.