Our Christmas Update

Our Christmas Update

Tiffany and Elisa receiving their gifts at church.

We apologize for the lack of blog posts lately. We have been a bit busy, as most of you all have, with the Christmas season. But we wanted to update you on how our past month has gone and what we have been up to.


Chad was very busy with the child sponsorship program. Each child wrote a message and colored a picture for their sponsors. Chad had the long task of translating each letter, uploading the letter to send as an email, and mailing the letters to their sponsors. He was also busy at each of the Christmas programs, videotaping of all the children receiving their one gift for Christmas.

Decorating cookies at the church Christmas party!


Trina was busy with a lot of ministry stuff as well. Her and Kimberli helped wrap a ton of presents for the kids in the Feeding Centers and in our church. She threw a baby shower for two women in our church, along with a Christmas party for the all the ladies in the church too. During the Christmas party, Trina was moved to tears when one of the ladies hugged her and told her, “Thank you Trina. This is a night we will never forget.” Her and Kimberli also wrapped many baby bundles to bring to the hospital for the new mothers and babies. We are still in need of blankets to bring, but hope to make it to the hospital soon.

Kimberli with the gifts for her siblings.


Kimberli left early Christmas Eve morning to spend the day with her family. We wanted to bless Kimberli’s family with some Christmas gifts too, since they would probably not receive anything. Earlier in the month, we bought a huge bale of clothes to be able to bless others that were in need. Kimberli went through the clothes and picked out an outfit for each of her 6 siblings. And with her giving heart, she took each of her stuffed animals and gave them to her siblings as well. So with the gifts and a smile, her and Chad left early in the morning to go to her grandparents house. To say that she was excited is an understatement. We can always tell when she is excited about something because she is such a chatterbox. She talked Chad’s ear off the whole way to her grandparents house!

Playing UNO on Christmas Eve at the Baron house.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a special night. We had about 15 of our close friends, who are like family, over to our house for dinner. It was a feast! There was food, fun, and laughter, especially after watching Carlitos play UNO for the first time! While we definitely missed our own families, it was wonderful to be surrounded by those that we love and those that love us back! God has truly blessed us.

Thank You

So there you have it. That is what our month has looked like. We wanted to say thank you for all your prayers, love and support. While it was very difficult to be away from our families this Christmas, we still felt so loved from all of you from so far way. We are so grateful for those of you that have chosen to bless us this Christmas. Love to you all!


We Won’t Be Home With Bells On

We Won’t Be Home With Bells On

No Bells

I had it all planned out. Christmas was going to be wonderful. We were planning a trip back to Lynden and we would be there for Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and for the whole week after. Someone even offered to buy our tickets home. I was looking forward to family and friends, peppermint mocha’s and oliebollens, sweaters and boots, cold weather, and maybe even some snow. My facebook status would read: “Trim the tree and wrap the presents, turn the Christmas music on, cause Christmas I’ll be home with bells on.”

The Plan

When we left Lynden this summer, we were almost 100% sure we would be returning for the holidays. This made it a bit easier to say goodbye since I “knew” we would be returning in just a few short months. When Kimberli came to our home almost one month ago now, we put a hault on our plans to return home; because we weren’t sure where she would go if we left. We then had the idea of taking her with us. But that would take months to get her a passport and all the needed paperwork. After talking to Alvin, it was decided that she could stay with his family over the holidays while we returned home. Back to the original plan: home it was!


Chad never felt a peace about going back. I just kept pushing him saying, ‘we need to go back,’ ‘we need a break.’ He obliged and we decided we would spend about 8 days in Lynden for Christmas. But in my heart, I honestly did not feel a peace about it either. Something, or rather, SOMEONE, kept telling me, “You are not supposed to go. You need to stay here for Christmas.” I kept ignoring God, trying to justify that going to Lynden for Christmas was the right thing to do. But I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I couldn’t ignore God anymore. I needed to be obedient. So I went and told Chad what I was feeling, and after much prayer and many tears, we made the difficult decision to not return home this Christmas.

Trust and Obey

It’s amazing how hard it is to trust and obey God sometimes, especially when you want something so badly, and He is telling you you can’t have it. But it’s also amazing how His way is always best. I know this because of the overwhelming sense of peace I felt when we made the final decision to stay here for Christmas, with Kimberli. Today was one of the best days we have had since she has been here. Lots of laughing, lots of smiles, and lots of fun.¬†And even though we would love nothing more than to spend Christmas with our families, we know that this is exactly where we are supposed to be this Christmas season.

Putting up our Christmas tree! Asher and Kimberli were all smiles!