All so happy to be together again!

They’re Gone

My parents just left today, and we are sad. It was so great spending time with them, showing them the ministry, and especially watching them bond with Asher. We couldn’t be more grateful for the time and money they spent to come see us. It’s times like this that we never take for granted, and we truly do treasure.

Time Spent

We were fortunate to be able to show them most of the ministry and what we do. We went to the Feeding Centers, the Maternity Ward, and mom even braved the streets! We also took them to see some of the more beautiful parts of Honduras, including the statue of Jesus (El Picacho), and a little tourist town known as Valley of Angles. But I think what they really enjoyed the most was just spending time with their grandson, and who can blame them!

Asher loved to walk hand in hand with his Papa and Nana.


So saying goodbye was not, and never is, easy. It’s a huge sacrifice for all three of us, and it…is…hard. Sometimes I just wish we lived back in Lynden so we could see each other whenever we wanted. And it’s difficult to watch Asher bond so much with his grandparents and then have to turn around and say goodbye once again.

Hello’s Are Good

But God never said it was going to be easy. We knew there would be many sacrifices that we would have to make along the way. And even though it is very hard to be without your loved ones, we are still confident that this is where God has called us for this season of our life. So while saying goodbye is never any fun, we always look forward to the many sweet hello’s.