Many of you know now that we just made a trip back to our hometown of Lynden, WA. We spent a quick week there for my 30th birthday, whom I got to share with my twin sis, whom by the way had no idea I was coming.  It was not easy to keep a secret, but we managed to pull it off. Surprises are the best!


I do feel so blessed to have been born with a twin sister. On June 8, 1982 we made our appearance in the world. I can think of three birthday’s that we didn’t get to spend together, all in our 20’s. So from 1 all the way to 29, it has been us together on our birthday. It didn’t seem right that we weren’t going to be together for our big 3-0. It brought tears to both of our eyes to think of us not being together on our special day.

The Plan

SO, after some secret emails between my older sister and my husband, it was decided that we would fly home for my birthday and surprise Treva, my twin sis. Both of our families pitched in the money to get all three of us home for a week. Chad surprised me with the news a little early. He couldn’t keep it in any longer when he saw how upset I was about being away from Treva on my birthday. I was just a bit excited!


We all kept the secret from Treva so she had absolutely no idea that I was coming. I didn’t tell anyone from back home that we were coming, so basically only our immediate families and some close friends knew. I didn’t want the word to get out, which isn’t hard to do in Lynden! But we kept it a surprise and nothing could ever compare to the look on Treva’s face when I popped up from behind a door and she saw me. It was one of the best moments ever. I am so thankful that we got the chance to go home for a little break and see family. And I am so thankful that I got to spend my 30th birthday with my twin sister. God is good!