There are a number of things people ask us quite often about our life and ministry here in Honduras so we thought we would try to answer them in a series of blog posts we are calling “Common Questions.”

Common Question #1 – How long will you be there?

Common Question #1 - How long will you be there?It has come to our attention that we probably haven’t answered this question very well and so confused some people about our intentions. Our usual answer to this question is, “Well we didn’t know we would be moving to Honduras before a couple of years ago and so we have no idea when we will leave.” That answer is usually followed up by a second question, “Have you made any specific time commitments?” To which we answer, “No, we are just taking it year by year.” And what we mean is that God led us here and so until he leads us somewhere else, this is where we will be.

To those we have given that answer to, I am sorry we didn’t give you a better answer. In our mind it was perfectly clear but I see this left some people questioning what our commitment is. Allow me to clear up this answer.

When we left Lynden we quit our jobs, moved out of our house, and sold just about everything we own. We only have a few sentimental possessions left in storage. We left knowing we may never live in Lynden again. We may never live in the United States again. The reason we gave such a vague answer in the past is because God has not given us a specific time frame. I know many go into missions for a specific amount of time so I understand where the question comes from. However, for us, this is our life. We don’t have plans beyond Honduras. It is kind of like when you accept a job, you don’t tell your new boss you are only going to work in this job for the next five years and then you will be looking for something else. We accepted a job and we will be here until we feel God leads us elsewhere.

I know that still isn’t specific and for the analytical among us you are still asking, “How long?” We committed to living in Honduras for at least the next five years but honestly feel it will be longer than that. We have big plans here and there is so much work to do. And our work is based on building relationships so we will be here for the long-term to pour into the lives of those we love and are caring for.

So what are the big plans that will keep us here for so long? We’ll be sharing more about these plans in the near future but here is a brief synopsis: we have 3 areas of ministry that God has really laid on our hearts. One is the Eagle’s Nest. We want to see this ministry grow and flourish. The second is the Boy’s Farm where we will take young men who have given their lives to the Lord in the juvenile detention center and give them a safe place to continue education and discipleship. The third is an orphanage. We don’t know when, where, or how but even before we left for Honduras we believed some day we would build an orphanage where we will be a father to the fatherless and a mother to the motherless. Because no child deserves to grow up without someone to love them.