The Good Ol’ US of A

The Good Ol’ US of A

Together again. I miss them already.

BFF Reunion

We sincerely apologize for the lack of blog postings. We have been busy since being back in America! But we will give you a quick update on what we’ve been up to lately. We arrived in Michigan on July 12 for one of Trina’s best friends wedding. She was super busy with wedding details and spending time with her two best friends from college that she hasn’t seen in over 3 years. Trina’s parents also went to the wedding so it was

Asher and Daddy catching some fireflies in MI.

exciting to see them for the first time in 7 months. So, while Trina was busy, Chad spent a lot of quality time with Asher. He also got to visit some family that lives in MI. All in all, it was a great week and we had a wonderful time!

Hello Lynden

We left MI on the 18th and arrived in our hometown of Lynden. It has been so great to see family again! Chad and I have mentioned that while it feels strange to be back, it also feels like we never left. We have enjoyed drinking Wood’s coffee, going on runs outside, putting our feet in the grass, and the “uncraziness” of the driving conditions here! However, we wish we would have packed warmer clothing. We cannot believe how cold it is here for being summer..we are freezing!

More Plans

As we have mentioned before, we have a busy month ahead of us. We leave this weekend for a week long camping trip with Trina’s family for her parents 40th anniversary. From there we head straight to Seattle for Chad’s 20th high school reunion. And then we have the fair in Lynden, where Chad is a huge help to his dad, who is the manager of the fair. And of course lots of visiting with family and friends. And then we leave August 22 to go back to our Honduras home. But we aren’t thinking of that yet :)

Please Join Us

Please remember our Fellowship and Taco Night where we will be sharing stories from our time in Honduras. This event will take place on Thursday, August 11 at 6:00pm in the NCCTK worship center. We hope to see you all there!

It’s Done!

It’s Done!

Much Needed 

A before picture

Ever since we arrived here in October, and went to our first church service at our home church, God has put it on my heart to create a nursery and Sunday School room for the children in our church. We have approximately 30-35 kids in the church, from birth to age nine. As you read in previous blogs and newsletters, the babies had absolutely nothing but some dirty old mattresses to play on and sleep on. And the older children had no space of their own, and used the floor to color on. These rooms were definitely needed.

The wall separating the two new rooms.

The Project

The room started as one big room which used to be a salon for the trade school classes. Because of it’s size, we decided to make it into two rooms: one for the nursery and the other for the Sunday School classes. One team worked on this project, while other teams helped paint the two rooms. We also had people donate money to the project so we could buy some much needed supplies, and others who sent some wonderful items down for the children to enjoy. So after 8 months of waiting for this project to be complete, God has answered our prayers and we now have a special place for the children in our church.

Thank You A Thousand Times

I don’t even know where to start with my thank yous. There were so many people that supported the work of this big project. My heartfelt thanks go out to ALL of you. Thank you for your loving support in our ministry. Because of you, the children in our church now have a place of their own. A place to laugh and play, clap and sing, and most importantly a place to learn about Jesus!


A during picture: This room took 7 coats of paint!

The finished nursery!!!

The Sunday School room. We are still waiting for tables and chairs. But they will be here soon!

This is a little room off of the nursery that will be for the sleeping babies. We also hope to put a changing table in here too.

Joshua enjoying some new toys in the nursery!


A Lack of Faith

I just got done doing my devotions and I was so convicted that I thought I would share. I was reading Mark 6 where the people of Nazareth refuse to believe. Jesus had gone back to his hometown, along with his disciples, to teach in the synagogue. The people began to question Jesus and even took offense at him. The verse that really stuck out to me is verse (6:5), “He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them. And he was amazed at their lack of faith.” Jesus had the ability to perform awesome miracles right in front of their eyes, but he chose not to because of their pride and unbelief.

I think I sometimes have a bit of pride and unbelief myself. Growing up in a society where everything is so easy creates a sense of security and faith in material things, not God. For example, when you are sick you go to the doctor, when you are depressed you see a counselor, when need money you take out a loan, and the list goes on. However, living here has opened my eyes a bit. If you are among the poorest of the poor you can’t go the doctor or a counselor, and you certainly can’t take out a loan from the bank. So what do they rely on? Well, if they are a Christian, they rely solely on Jesus to meet their every need. And for Jesus to meet your every need requires faith. Faith that he will heal you from your sickness and depression, faith that he will give you exactly what you need, and faith that He truly does have your best interest at heart. These people have no lack of faith. In fact, faith in Jesus is all they have.

Just last night Chad and I were talking about the subject of faith. He told me a story he heard from Jonathan, who is a young man in our church. Jonathan had met a woman at his work and the woman told him that her daughter was very sick. Jonathan told the woman that he would pray for her and assured her that her daughter would be healed. Later that day ,Jonathan got word from the daughter of the woman and she told him that she had, in fact, been healed! Do you think there was any lack of faith in that whole scenario? If there were, Jesus may not have been able to do the miracle that he did for that girl.

I’ve had a difficult time adjusting to my new life as a missionary wife and mommy. I love it here and know this is where we belong, but I struggle daily asking God to just let me have joy in this place. I wonder if I will ever speak the language. I wonder if I will ever have real friendships. I wonder if I am really being useful in this ministry. Maybe what I need to do is already thank God for giving these things to me, having faith that He will give me the desires of my heart. One things for sure, I never want God to be amazed at my lack of faith.

We’ve Been Busy

We’ve Been Busy

Just the 5 of us on a hike we took up to a mountain with a beautiful view of the city.

Some Visitors

WOW! It has been a busy, yet rewarding, couple of weeks. I will do my best to fill you in on what we’ve been up to. We were blessed to have family visit us for Christmas. Chad’s sister, Tanya, and her husband Brian were here the week of Christmas. We had a wonderful time together and were even able to show them much of our ministry. One area of ministry that touched us all the most was the Hospital Maternity Ward. I could write a book on this one specific ministry, and you would be brought to tears. Perhaps another time. For now, I will just fill you in on what we did. In the weeks before their arrival, Tanya had been collecting several baby items such as onesies, blankets, and hats to distribute to the new mothers and their babies. As we sat down and tied some bundles of these items with ribbon, I was overwhelmed with gratitude to all who contributed to this ministry. Because of your generosity, over 100 babies got to go home clothed and snuggled in a blanket. Thank you Brian and Tanya for collecting these items. And thank you to all who donated those items!

Back Home For A Bit

Asher's cousins were more than thrilled to see him. Look at them all just watch him!

As some of you know, we made a last minute trip back home to Washington over the new year. Many people have been wondering, “why the quick trip home?” Well, because we are not Honduran residents, we are required to leave the country every 90 days. And it’s not just a skip, a jump, and a hop either. We have to go two countries over from Honduras, so just crossing the border won’t work. We had originally planned to go to Houston (in January), where they have a Honduran Embassy, to try and get our Honduran residency. Our tickets were bought and we had even planned on meeting our parents there for a visit. However, Chad did some research and discovered that we didn’t even have to go to the embassy but only send in some paperwork to Olympia. Included in that paperwork were our birth certificates and marriage license, which we didn’t have with us..another reason for the trip home. So since we had to leave the country anyway AND we needed some paperwork, it only made sense to come back home. Of course seeing our families was a huge blessing and the best part of the trip for me!

These girls are a reminder of why we are here.

This Is Where We’re Supposed  To Be

Chad and I both mentioned how weird, yet how normal, it felt to be back home in Lynden. It was like we never even left. We had such a great time with family, and it was so nice to just take a break from our hectic lives in Honduras. It felt different to leave Asher while I went and ran errands. I am so used to taking him with me everywhere. But it sure was nice to have some mommy breaks while back home. As we were on the plane, we talked about how surreal it was that while in Lynden, we had a whole other life in Honduras; and that as wonderful as it was back home, we did feel something missing. I guess that is God’s way of reminding us that this is where we are supposed to be. He has work for us to complete here and we will do what He wants us to do.

My First Project

My First Project

The Possibilities

Ever since our first Sunday here, three weeks ago, I have had it on my mind to create a nursery for our church. Currently we have a room upstairs that is used occasionally for the babies during the service. This room has so much potential to be a beautiful nursery but the ministry does not have the funds to put it together. Every time I go in that room I picture the possibilities of a place where God’s little ones can be in an environment of their very own, allowing their parents to enjoy the service. Also, we have church 4 times a week, with the weekly services lasting 2 hours and the Sunday service lasting 3! You can just about imagine how the children handle that. So as you can see, a nursery is something that is desperately needed!

The current room where the nursery is held.

An Answered Prayer

I have not stopped thinking about this dream of mine for 3 weeks now. So I know that this is something that God wants me to do. With all that said, I posted some pics of the nursery on facebook, and asked if anybody wanted to donate some money to help create the nursery that I had been dreaming about. The next day I received an email that was an answer to my prayers, and to hers! A very generous someone emailed me saying that she would like to help. She offered to donate all of the money she has made from her new crocheting passion to help create a nursery. This will be a great start to create a much needed space for those babies, so a big thank you to our generous giver!

Lots To Do

We are basically starting from scratch with the nursery so I have a lot of work to do. However, this is my passion and I am more than excited to begin. Throw in some paint, murals, rugs, cribs, toys, and etc. and we will have ourselves a place for those precious ones. Please pray for us as we go through this process, and let me know if you would like to help in any way!

We’re Moving to Honduras

By now you have probably heard we are moving to Honduras. Next fall our plan is to pack up and head south. First stop will be a month at a language school in Guatemala and then on to Honduras where we will be working with the ministry of Manos Extendidas. So for the next several months we will be working hard on raising support and making all the preparations. It is a huge job but an interesting one. Our hope is that you will go on this adventure with us. I really believe that not everyone is called to go but everyone is called to do something. Maybe part of your something will be joining us in our journey. That is why we’ve put up this blog. This is where we will chronicle the process. We’ll share our successes, failures, struggles, and triumphs. Whatever comes, I know it will be an adventure!