Why Honduras

We’re often asked one of two questions (or both):

  1. Why did you pick Honduras?
  2. Isn’t there a lot of needs here? Why not concentrate on the needs here?

To answer the first question we would have to say that we didn’t pick Honduras as much as we feel like Honduras picked us. What we mean is this – our intention was never to move to another country full time. When we got married we knew serving others was something we would build into the fabric of our lives. One way to do that was to go on short term mission trips. We felt that in order to be effective we would need to focus our energy on one place. Sure it would be nice to see a lot of different countries but our objective is to help people not take exotic trips. Since Trina had lived in Honduras (see the About Us page) it was a place we were familiar with and knew there was tremendous need. On our first short term mission trip we lost our heart. It is hard to explain but when we leave Honduras we feel like we are leaving home – not going home. That was two years ago and we’ve known since then that God was calling us there, we just didn’t know when.

Why not stay in the US? Isn’t there a lot of needs here you could help with? Yes, that is true. But, in the US we have thousands of churches, ministries, non-government organizations, non-profits, and government programs all focused on helping the less fortunate. In the US there are so many programs that if someone wants help they can find it. In Honduras there is none of that. Like most 3rd world countries, if some of us from the US don’t go to help there will be no help. The children in the picture on this page come from a place called Tiny Houses. It is basically a government warehouse for children who are abandoned, neglected, or abused. There are hundreds of children in this place with just a few ladies to watch over them. If we weren’t there that day these babies probably would not have been held. They might not get held today. What they need is love. We can’t save everyone. But we can love some. With your help and support we will be there to hold and love children who desperately need it.


  1. Derek Kingry

    I love this website! I think a servant’s heart is necessary for any change to occur…….many servant’s hearts make the change sustainable. You guys are doing great work!


    • Chad Baron

      Thanks Derek. It was great meeting you today. Stay in touch, we would love to have you all come down to Honduras.


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